JL / JT H.E.R.O. Hood

H.E.R.O. stands for Heat Expulsion, Ram Opening and this hood does exactly that. We took all the functionality of our JK Heat Expulsion hood, added a fresh cold air ram opening and packaged it all under a more refined appearance. This hood features:

  • Unique Two Stage Heat Reduction Design
    • This hood uses two sets of fully functional vents to expel the maximum amount of heat to reduce under hood temperatures. The two vents on the side of the hood are strategically placed to give heat being pushed back towards the firewall a way to exit the engine bay when your JL or JT is traveling at speed while a second set of vents running the full length of the hood on each side of the cowl expel rising heat from the entire engine bay when your Jeep is traveling at slower speeds.
  • Ram Air Opening
    • The factory air box is somewhat limited in that all the fresh air it gets comes from the gap between the hood and fenders. To help get cool, clean fresh air into your engine, the front of the H.E.R.O Hood has a functional opening that channels air directly to the factory air box.
  • Refined Appearance
    • We wanted to take a more subtle design approach with the H.E.R.O. Hood without compromising any functionality. Our JK Hydra Channels have been replaced with phantom vents that still allow heat to escape but dont actually expose the opening. Instead you will almost have to take a double take to notice them. Couple that with the fact that the cowl of this hood is only 1 inch taller than a factory Rubicon hood cowl and you quickly realize that this hood packs a lot of functionality in a package that is just enough to differentiate yourself yet not too much to over advertise yourself.
  • Made in the U.S.A
    • This hood is proudly manufactured out of fiberglass right here in Colorado so your hard earned money stays inside our borders and helps support local business. Staying local also means that the strictest manufacturing processes are followed to deliver you a product with the utmost quality.

Fits all 2018+ Jeep Wrangler JL and JT models except Mojave (Additional parts are required for the Mojave since it has a different cowl)

Hood does not come painted

Price: $990.00
$160.00 Flat rate shipping inside the Continental U.S.
If you are outside the Continental U.S. please contact us for a shipping quote.

Airbox Side (U.S.)

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