How do I mount the windshield washer nozzles on my Jeep JK?

The windshield washer nozzle gets relocated into the grate located in the middle of the jeep directly below the windshield. All you have to do is cut out one front to back slot and two left to right slots and the nozzle will pop right in. For newer JKs equipped with two nozzles, this process is repeated for the second nozzle. You can see the nozzle mounted in the lower left hand corner of the first picture and which grates need to be cut in the second.

TOTL Innovations Heat Expulsion Hood washer nozzle relocationWasher nozzle gets relocated into the grate below the windshield in the middle of the Jeep

Are all of the mounting holes pre drilled?
All holes required to mount the hood are predrilled. The only holes not predrilled on the JK hood are to remount the safety latch and spring in the front of the hood. JL hoods have all the required holes predrilled.
There is a white line just off of center of my JK hood. Is this normal?
Yes, that line is a completely normal. It is a by product of the manufacturing process and is not a defect.