JK Heat Expulsion Hood

Our Jeep Wrangler JK Heat Expulsion Hood features:

  • Unique Two Stage Heat Reduction Design
    • This hood uses two sets of fully functional vents to expel the maximum amount of heat to reduce under hood temperatures. The two vents on the side of the hood are strategically placed to give heat being pushed back towards the firewall a way to exit the engine bay when the JK is traveling at speed while a second set of vents running the full length of the hood on each side of the cowl expel rising heat from the entire engine bay when the JK is traveling at slower speeds.
  • Industry First Hydra-Channels Keep the Engine Dry
    • This hood features a pair of channels that run behind the cowl vents to divert any water away from the engine and dispense it in the front and back of the engine bay behind weather stripping keeping your engine clean and dry.
  • Lightweight At Only 26 Pounds
    • This hood is made out of fiberglass to provide one of the lightest JK hood solutions on the market.  At 26 pounds, this hood saves over 15 pounds compared to a stock JK hood and even more when compared to some competitors.
  • Fits with Avenger Superchargers
    • This is the only hood on the market that works with an Avenger Supercharger system without any modification. This hood will also work with any other under hood modification designed to fit under a stock Jeep JK hood.
  • Made in the U.S.A
    • This hood is proudly manufactured right here in Colorado so your hard earned money stays inside our borders and helps support local business. Staying local also means that the strictest manufacturing processes are followed to deliver you a product with the utmost quality.

Hood does not come painted

Price: $950.00
$160.00 Flat rate shipping inside the Continental U.S.
If you are outside the Continental U.S. please contact us for a shipping quote.
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